Equip Yourself With the Proper Knowledge About CBD

We offer certified CBD coaching and pure, high-quality products.

Equip Yourself With the Proper Knowledge About CBD

We offer certified CBD coaching and pure, high-quality products.

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabidiol (CBD)

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabidiol (CBD)

Certified CBD Coaching & Sales

Our mission at Certified CBD Coaching & Sales is to educate consumers about everything CBD: what CBD is and how it works in our bodies to create homeostasis or balance; which conditions have shown the greatest potential benefits from CBD; methods of administration and appropriate dosages to help an individual achieve a greater sense of well-being; and, most importantly, how to determine a quality product.

Certified CBD Coaching & Sales is owned by 2 licensed medical professionals who are Certified CBD Coaches (Candia Zlenka, MSN, CRNA and Robin Wilkes, AS, RRT). Our goal is to offer free personalized consultations regarding the use of CBD along with holding educational seminars about everything CBD.

We have also custom formulated a pure, high-quality line of CBD products called “Penguin Valley CBD.” Our products are manufactured by a vertically integrated, transparent company… meaning, the company has all necessary certifications, reveals its extraction method, and does vigorous in-house lab testing, as well as 3rd-party testing to verify the potency of the CBD with THC levels < 0.3%, which is federally legal. The custom formulations are terpene blends that target specific realms of well-being (rest, calm, invigorating, muscle & joint, and digestive support) at affordable prices.


With the abundance of misinformation about CBD and the fact that only 30% of CBD products on the market actually have the amount of CBD indicated on the label, we felt there was a great need for consumer education. Certified CBD Coaching & Sales was formed to fill that educational void surrounding CBD.

See some of the most common questions we receive below. If you find that you have questions or concerns, please use this site as a resource to connect with us, or if you prefer, our social media and contact information are provided as well. We are here for you.



CBD Coaching is a consultation service that offers an individual the education and guidance they may need to achieve their goal, using CBD, toward a greater quality of life.

We sell a premium-quality, pure line of CBD products that have been verified during every step of the production process. Our Penguin Valley CBD products include full-spectrum and broad-spectrum tinctures, gel capsules, and a muscle gel targeting specific realms of health and well-being (calm, invigorating, discomfort, and GI relief).

CBD is a cannabinoid (chemical compound) found in abundance in the hemp plant (a species of Cannabis Sativa). It has many health benefits.

Health benefits include: relieving arthritis pain, inflammatory pain, nerve and cancer pain, anxiety and depression, insomnia, muscle spasticity, epileptic seizures, nausea and vomiting, multiple sclerosis, acne, and promotes bone growth.

Absolutely not. It is non-psychoactive, safe, and has low risk and high benefit.

THC is another cannabinoid found in hemp at very low concentrations (< 0.3%), which is federally legal and will not get you high. THC at higher concentrations is psychoactive.

The marijuana plant is a distant cousin of hemp and is another species of Cannabis Sativa. It has higher levels of THC that is psychoactive and is responsible for the “head high” associated with smoking the plant in a joint or pipe. CBD is present also but in lower concentrations.

Terpenes are another chemical compound found not only in hemp but in all other plant species and are responsible for the aroma of the plant. For example, pinene is also found in pine and conifer trees, limonene is in citrus. Each terpene has different health benefits and plays a critical role in the entourage effect.

It is the combination of all the hemp compounds (CBD, THC < 0.3%, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids) working synergistically within our body to produce greater health benefits.

Absolutely not. CBD is safe, well-tolerated in humans and pets, and can be tolerated in large doses. There is no toxic or lethal dose.

There are very few potential side effects including dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, and may inhibit liver metabolism of certain drugs (blood thinners, SSRI meds, some seizure meds). Consult your doctor before using CBD.

The most popular methods are tinctures (which you drop under your tongue) and vaping (smoking CBD in a vape pen) due to the rapid onset. Capsules and edibles (gummies) take longer to take effect but last longer. Topicals are great for musculoskeletal soreness, and other creams and lotions are great for the skin. CBD is absorbed through the skin.

There are also sprays, suppositories (vaginal and rectal), and various foods and drinks.

Not necessarily. You should always start low (5-10mg) and go slow. Everyone is different and has a different window of effectiveness, meaning a dose too low or too high for you will be ineffective, and you will not see the effect you are trying to achieve.

Also, CBD does not work in one dose. It has to be taken consistently and it may take 2–3 weeks to see the effect.

When in doubt about using CBD or have numerous health conditions and are on multiple medications, consult your doctor before use.

CBD is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and the information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always consult your healthcare professional before using any new product. Neither Certified CBD Coaching or its' representatives are providing medical advice with the information on this website or with other materials that may be provided over the phone or in email correspondence. This website is intended as an educational tool and client resource and shall not be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information or services on this website.