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Our Story

Certified CBD Coaching & Sales was formed by Candia Zlenka, MSN, CRNA, Certified CBD Coach and Robin Wilkes, AS, RRT, Certified CBD Coach to educate the community with accurate CBD information. Our goal is to offer free personalized consultations regarding the use of CBD along with holding educational seminars about everything CBD (what it is, uses, methods of administration, and dosages). Most importantly, how to determine a product’s quality.

This knowledge may help you to achieve a greater sense of health and well-being and to live the quality of life that you deserve.

During the research, we came across an American Medical Association (AMA) study that randomly had numerous CBD products tested at three different labs. The result was shocking and disheartening. They found that only 30% of the products tested actually had within 10% of the CBD listed on the label. Meaning that 70% of the products on the market are junk. Some even tested with zero CBD. Shocking!

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We did further research about product quality and decided it would be beneficial to consumers to custom formulate our own pure, high-quality CBD brand targeting specific realms of health and well-being (calm, invigorating, muscle & joint, and digestive support) at affordable prices. This gave us the ability to choose the appropriate manufacturer that offered us full transparency, from seed to sell, about the entire CBD production process. Thus allowing us to ensure we are offering a quality, safe, clean, and legal product.

Penguin Valley CBD was formed to honor our hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. We created this product line with the baby boomers of Youngstown in mind. We wanted to give, especially this group of consumers, a choice of high-quality CBD products to improve their quality of life with low risk.

We are proud to be Youngstown natives. Candia’s grandparents immigrated to the area from Poland and Italy in the early 1900s. Many of our family members worked at the infamous steel mills of the Mahoning Valley. Others started “mom-and-pop” stores and small businesses.

The ethnic diversity of this community is undeniable and the baby boomers, many migrants to this area, laid the foundation for this diversity. The cultures and food from Polish, Slovak, Italian, Greek, Puerto Rican, African American, and Indian heritage are alive and unique to Youngstown.

We wanted to fashion our business toward education and community enhancement. As Certified CBD Coaches, we are prepared to educate and coach consumers, one-on-one or via educational seminars, in everything CBD via “Certified CBD Coaching Sales”.

We are also proud to offer pure, high-quality CBD products at affordable prices via “Penguin Valley CBD” to assist, especially the aging baby boomer population, in improving the quality of life you deserve.

Please feel free to contact us through either website, via phone, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We are here for you.